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So in 1926, Mayer enlisted folks from across the industry to create the academy, designed to pacify labor issues outside of a union system, as well as to promote a positive view of Hollywood to the public.

Pastries couldn’t pacify them despite chants of “we are hungry!”

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The Texans are a mess, and they can’t pacify Watson with a ton of money and a few compliments.

“All those wise sayings he's credited with, like 'the social rumble ain't restful' and 'if your stomach disputes you, lie down and pacify it with cool thoughts,' well, I'd say most of them are actually true,” said Veeck.

Less than 24 hours after Duron was ejected from the game that seemingly actualized that dream, Cruz tried to pacify his frustrations by focusing on the relationships he built during his football career.

His keepers fed the beast copious amounts of port, Champagne, and whiskey to pacify the persnickety pachyderm.

Nevertheless, Iran can only go so far to pacify Iraq with its own forces.

Consequently, it might be necessary in some situations to pacify or motivate them with a lie.

Yet would we nod approvingly if President Bush blamed the failure of U.S. efforts to pacify post-invasion Iraq on Saddam Hussein?

To pacify the ulema, always wary of any rival forum, this initial gathering consisted entirely of men who were clerics.

The king hoped, by the appointment of a Republican ministry, to pacify the democratic spirit.

No, I shall not seek to pacify the people, when the insolent challenge shall have been thrown in their faces!

They then teach them to obey; some by words; others they pacify by tunes, accompanied with the beating of a drum.

Pitt hoped to pacify discontent by benefiting Irish trade, and to unite the two countries by a community of interest.

The fool carried a dagger at his girdle, and it were well to pacify him.


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