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noun as in a blow, a striking

Strongest match

Strong matches

noun as in accomplishment

noun as in seizure

Strongest matches

verb as in pat lengthwise

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Example Sentences

Indeed, scientists have linked khat consumption to increased risk of strokes and heart diseases.

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However, you can bring them back to sharpness with just a few strokes along a sharpening stone.

So they adopted its broad strokes—including its limits on data collection and its requirements on data storage and data deletion—and then loosened some of its language.

Instead of swimming straight by twirling their tails like propellers, human sperm flick their tails lopsidedly and roll to balance out the off-center strokes.

By itself, such a lopsided stroke would lead to swimming in circles.

With every stroke, her leather boot creaked under the weight of her leg.

This video remedies that injustice, showcasing an owl doing a butterfly stroke in Lake Michigan.

And finally, when you ask for your car, your dress, whatever it is you want, stroke his hand.

In a stroke, and if his words are genuine, Tim Cook has just become Gay Superman.

In a stroke of genius, he enlisted Bundy to vouch for him on tape.

I hope the French Government will recognize this dashing stroke of d'Amade's by something more solid than a thank you.

She did shout for joy, as with a sweeping stroke or two she lifted her body to the surface of the water.

Her pulse was beneath his fingers, and with every stroke of it he felt more keenly the mystery and cruelty of life.

They were afraid that it was too small; they then put another of 14 inches by the side of the first, the same stroke.

At Wheal Alfred they have a 64-inch cylinder; the air-pump is 20 inches, and the stroke is half that of the engine.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for stroke (medical)?

The sudden loss of brain function most commonly called a stroke is also known by several other names: apoplexy, cerebrovascular accident, cerebral accident, and cerebral infarction. Strokes can be caused by a cerebral hemorrhage, and that term is sometimes used to refer to a type of stroke. Synonyms for cerebral hemorrhage include encephalorrhagia and hematencephalon.

The word stroke is also used in other medical conditions, including heatstroke and sunstroke.

What is another word for stroke (general)?

The word stroke has several different senses.


As a noun, stroke can refer to a movement or motion, such as of a pen, brush, or similar implement, or the (often repeated) motion of a machine part.

hand movement

Stroke commonly refers to a light movement of the hand with soft pressure. Synonyms for this sense include pet and caress. Like this sense of stroke, these can be used as either verbs or nouns.

strike, blow

In the sense of a strong hit with something like a hammer or fist, synonyms of stroke include strike, blow, and hit. These can also be used as both verbs and nouns.


In swimming, stroke refers to the swimming style, such as backstroke, butterfly, and freestyle. In rowing, a stroke is a pull on the oars. In golf, a stroke is an instance of hitting the ball, or at least the tally of such a hit, as in one-stroke penalty. In the context of other sports, stroke is used more generally to refer to a motion, often one involving contact with a ball.

other senses

In stroke of genius and masterstroke, stroke can mean something like act, feat, or touch. In stroke of luck, it means something like a sudden happening or occurrence, likened to a stroke of lightning.

On this page you'll find 153 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to stroke, such as: blow, hit, move, and movement.

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