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verb as in draw something with force

verb as in attract

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Finally, the gravitational pull of the whole Milky Way galaxy can lure away some stars.

Stellar gatherings such as the Hyades, known as open star clusters, are born with hundreds or thousands of stars that are held close to one another by their mutual gravitational pull.

As vehicle sales cooled over in recent years, EVs have resisted the pull of gravity, selling roughly a million new units every six months since 2018.

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The rider lies on a bed, head pointing toward the center of the carousel, which spins to exert a horizontal centri­fugal force out toward the feet that’s as strong as the downward pull of gravity.

Those waves, called tidal waves, are created by the gravitational pull of the sun or moon.

It is a spy series at its core, but you guys never really pull from the headlines.

Just how many fake nodes would be needed in order to pull off a successful Sybil attack against Tor is not known.

Botala remembers that the rebels would pull into the island, loot what they could, and then take the haul back to Stanleyville.

All it took was a good idea, and OK Go had one—and the drive to pull it off.

And we do mean drunken—in the keep your kids at home, pull the shades kind of drunken.

Strange to say, the silken cord yielded to the first pull, as if nothing had been wrong with it at all!

Never grasp a Fern plant from above and try to pull it away, as this will be almost sure to result in damage.

"I ordered you not to come," said Aspinall: "I can still pull a trigger, Sir," replied the man.

This harmless image of a fierce beast Yung Pak would pull about the floor with a string by the hour.

To pull through such a siege, the old settlers usually did much better than the new.


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