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I have always been fascinated by enmeshed relationships, I think is not an unfair way of putting it.

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After some 400 million years of evolution, spiders’ forms and uses of silk fascinate researchers like Greco, who are looking for new materials.

Another topic that’s long fascinated me, also having to do with the mind, is memory.

Krans’s interest in aviation goes back to the 1980s, when his dad, a machinist fascinated by engineering and innovative planes, would sometimes bring home jet models.

I’m also fascinated by Honey’s story of managing a chronic pain condition in the midst of a pandemic, especially when so many of their symptoms present similarly to Covid-19 symptoms.

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His conservatism, which is more of a cultural than political kidney, seems to fascinate, delight or detract critics.

The performances that shook Kansas City's underground culture decades ago still continues to fascinate onlookers today.

The region continues to fascinate me and the number of interesting producers keeps growing and growing.

“Partial disclosures of male closeness fascinate me,” he says.

What does fascinate Jünger, and about which he has the most interesting things to say, is the issue of physical courage.

This man was indubitably clever, and to a less educated eye than Gwynne's his face would appeal and fascinate.

Och, and the girls whose poor hearts you deracinate, Whirl and bewilder and flutter and fascinate!

The picture seemed to fascinate her as though it were the reflection of some stranger.

Brave as the young man was, he could not support the cold and sea-green eye of the hideous bird, which appeared to fascinate him.

You would fascinate the great ones of the earth, and they would tell you tales of State that would help the great cause.


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