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Poor coordination, meanwhile, can arouse musicians’ lateral prefrontal cortex regions to impose control and ground them before they can take flight.

By introducing these arousing toys into your cat’s play routine, you can avoid impromptu fights between, say, your cat’s claws and your couch, as well as unnecessary weight gain.

They electrically aroused the cell milliseconds before wiggling a whisker.

The book probed the discipline’s theoretical underpinnings in addition to exploring more provocative questions, such as whether analysts were ever aroused by their patients’ fantasies.

“We want to arouse curiosity for these authors and, consequently, curiosity about books,” explains Aurora Pedro Pinto of Livraria’s executive board.

From Time

She sought to arouse what attention she could by running for governor as the most libertine of libertarians.

She was more interested in the way fashion played out in popular culture, they way it could arouse, empower and provoke.

But while horror films excite and arouse, they “often leave people feeling nervous and unsettled,” despite any catharsis.

The idea that women must be cloaked and hidden from display lest they arouse male lust is not unique to Islam.

Why did such a simple, grainy, black-and-white photograph arouse such reaction?

The student who does not intend to arouse himself need hope for no keen sense of beauty.

If he had set out to arouse emotion in these two sluggish breasts he had done so with a vengeance.

All arouse themselves, thinking at first that it is a fire; but the master of the house springing up, throws the window open.

Her soul, untouched by human passion or human skill, demands the power of god-like genius to arouse it.

Evidently the stranger was not impressed by Scattergood in a manner to arouse him to a notable exertion of courtesy.


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