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verb as in initiate something; start a function

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According to Heather Nenov, an ophthalmologist from Stein Optometric Center, light entering the eye at a consistent brightness activates photoreceptors at the back of the eye.

Depending on trim level, there are massaging seats, power-adjustable pedals, motion-activated liftgate and captain’s chairs instead of a bench seat in the second row.

In real time, they looked at how neurons in the hippocampus activated in response to fear, and found that they tend to transmit the information to the amygdala—the emotion center—more than average.

By better understanding the blood messengers involved, we could artificially activate this pathway and potentially protect the mental essence of what makes you you—even as your brain falters with age or disease.

In mice with light-sensitive neurons, the team activated multiple glomeruli with a specific pattern, which generated a hallucinatory sense of a particular scent—even if it wasn’t there and didn’t exist in nature.

I read a study not long ago that chewing actually does activate your brain.

What would be in store for Lebanon if—or when—the cells activate was suggested by recent events.

The manager responded by directing the first teller to call the police and activate the alarm.

Perry will home in on the darkest corners of the Tea Party mind and work relentlessly to activate the demons that lurk there.

He warned her that if she provided details of either him or their conversation, he would activate the explosive.

A source of neutrons to activate the material and a gamma-ray spectrometer to measure the radiation from the material afterwards.

A neutron moderator slows down the neutrons and thus makes them more likely to activate the calcium in the bones.

When she was finished Rynason nodded for her to activate the linkage.

Activate the switch with the eraser-end of a pencil or small tool of similar size.

And so they might—if we had an unlimited supply of raw materials to produce robots, and unlimited power-sources to activate them.


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