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Someone with his innate talent and skills, but who uses those skills not to rile up conservatives and demean the left, but to educate conservatives and respectfully debate the left.

From Time

The world’s largest democracy is riled up over an e-document.

From Quartz

The accounts have the potential to reach millions of followers and other world leaders as well as rile up or calm the masses.

From Fortune

Researchers knew that these gorier deaths are involved in some inflammatory conditions, but apoptosis wasn’t previously known to rile up the immune system, Kanneganti says.

We have our concerns, especially given the environment of the riling-up of armed militia groups, which the President has been unwilling to tamp down in his rhetoric, and which he may be inclined to actually rile up during that period.

From Time

For well over a century, artists have been trying to rile us, making us question ourselves and our society.

Sheikh Hamza, however, refused to join in and rile up the people.

First, to rile up white people about black people and let their lurid imaginations roam.

Michael Tomasky says they can't win the swing vote, so they're going with Plan B: Rile up the base.

In other words, they want more than anything else not to rile up liberals.

I dare say that spiteful young Dana will call here again just to rile me up by praising her.

If she dont rile me up too much Illyes, Ill try to bear with her this afternoon.

When the boys want to rile her they get a sling-shot an' shoot the birds in her garden an' she just goes crazy.

Rile some other pool with your clumsy hoofs, and let your betters alone after this!

Is that true, or did you make it up to "rile" the old Governor?


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