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verb as in tease, annoy

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You keep adding relevant, high-quality new content, but the needle barely moves.

We had a data operation that showed how we could do it, but it was really going to be threading the needle.

From Ozy

In college, I volunteered to have a needle jabbed into the fleshy part between my thumb and forefinger in the name of acupuncture.

It was a test of a new type of needle that his team has invented.

A microneedle pokes into the skin just a fraction as deeply as an ordinary needle.

There, he first picked up needle and thread to mend the shirt of an SS guard who had just beaten him.

All of these may factor into the inability to move the needle on the scale.

A sheet covered his body from the neck down, making it impossible to see where, exactly, the needle had been inserted.

For instance, in one study, white subjects were shown videos of people being stuck with a needle.

Lydia also gets her vitals checked, arm rubbed with alcohol, and glove-covered hands safely inserting the needle.

The needle of the archdruidress broke, as she shook her head viciously at the scoffer.

The individual prisms are usually slender, with one beveled, wedge-like end, but are sometimes needle-like.

She was so handy with a needle, and allus ready to cut out calico dingusses that the peon gals could sew up.

Yellowish or brown, needle-like or rhombic crystals of hematoidin (Fig. 32) may be seen after hemorrhage into the bowel.

The dip of the south end of the needle at Goulburn Island was 27 degrees 32 1/2 minutes.


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