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The truth is podium warm-ups irritate TV broadcasters, who are looking for a certain rhythm, an entertaining show, highlights and short sequences.

Depending on the model, it will either clip or slide onto the collar as it is meant to sit comfortably and not irritate your pup’s skin.

What irritates most about Flanagan’s novel is that Anna is more a character than a person.

Some of you may know that cicadas are an excellent food source, high in protein and low in fat, but sometimes their wings irritate my tummy.

Above $225, you’ll get more comfortable uppers without stitches and seams that can irritate your feet, and more sophisticated two- and even three-zone closures, as well as those full-carbon outsoles.

Since coffee can irritate the gut, she suggests opting for herbal tea instead.

Huffington also wrote that he was “easy to irritate and apt to air his grudges in public.”

He will perform this role very well, especially if he curbs his gaffes that have already begun to irritate the White House.

He reminds me of the head of the American Tobacco Co. whose motto was, ‘Irritate them, irritate them.’

The smooth chatter begins to irritate me, and then infuriate me.

And, such was his varying luck with the cards, he played for an hour or so without having won enough to irritate his companions.

Mrs Everett had chosen for her rle an amused superiority, knowing it would irritate Letitia Prall more than any other manner.

If I had my way you would, said OLeary, with bad grace, for the doctors cool assurance had not ceased to irritate him.

Leir is annoyed by the failure of his scheme, and the poisonous words of his eldest daughters irritate him still more.

I'm sure to say something to irritate him,' said Sarah in a hurried undertone.


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