Definition for argue

verb as in try to convince; present support

verb as in discuss, dispute

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Example Sentences

At the same time, though, he argued that businesses shouldn’t be the only ones subject to enforcement because business owners could build fines into their overall cost of operation.

How to make a martini your guests will love — or at least love to argue aboutChocolate Lava Cakes for Two.

While officials argued that Mori’s presence at the helm of the organizing committee was needed to ensure the Games went ahead, it became apparent that his continued presence risked sinking the ship.

Officials argue some of the payments were not yet due, some were tied up in appeals and some were in the process of being gathered.

Many of these telecom giants argue through their primary lobbying arm, the trade group USTelecom, that Congress should finance phone and broadband benefits for low-income Americans on its own.

In the book, Tavris and Aronson argue that the same ability to overlook minor flaws in a marriage leads to overlooking major ones.

Mailer would argue, for example, that timidity does more harm to the novelist than donning a mask of extreme self-confidence.

One could argue that this was never exactly hidden from her readers.

“Women go to the bathroom together and gossip, talk and argue all the time,” Vithi Cuc told The National.

Starting with the idea of androgyny, you argue that there is a woman in every man, and vice versa.

"But I can't stop to argue about it now;" and, saying this, he turned into a side path, and disappeared in the wood.

This seemed entirely unnecessary to mine host, and he wanted to argue the point.

When people argue in this strain, I immediately assume the offensive.

But she knew it was useless to argue with Henry, so she hastily groped in the bag for the matches and handed them to her brother.

It would argue too much literary conceit on my part were I anxious to restore it to the light of day.


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When To Use

What are other ways to say argue?

To argue is to present one’s reasons for or against a thing: The scientists argued for a safer testing procedure; it may also imply disputing in an angry or excited way: His parents argue all the time. To discuss is to present varied opinions and views: to discuss ways and means. To debate is to interchange formal (usually opposing) arguments, especially on public questions: to debate a proposed amendment.

On this page you'll find 206 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to argue, such as: contend, disagree, dispute, quarrel, quibble, and squabble.

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