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noun as in back talk

verb as in talk back

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Example Sentences

The richness of the starter, offered with grilled bread, is foiled by the sass of sriracha.

We use them in memes and GIFs to put a generic face to anger and sass, to sauciness and craven desire.

Zach Galifianakis invited the president to chat on his Internet talk show “Between Two Ferns,” and boy, did Obama sass Zach back.

There was even some unexpected sass, like when she totally dissed Liza Minnelli.

Cleanses can also serve as a fresh start and a transition into a long-term, health way of eating, says Sass.

The ladies brought their A game with smarts, female sensibility, and sass showing in spades.

Every woman on the planet has sass and smart-ass qualities in them, but it seems sometimes only black women are defined by it.

Mis' Calvert, the old lady, she sent me to fetch this basket o' garden sass to Mis' Chester: an' this letter was for you, sir.

I want to hear that man sass you over the phone, if he can get in a word edgewise, and you on the other end of the line.

If you don't 'tend to your bizness, or give me any more o' your sass, I'll pound the melt out o' you.

He hab swore a blue streak at him, and called him a d—— ab'lishener, jess 'cause Massa K—— wudn't get mad and sass him back.

Kingdom come, is yo' gittin' ter de pint when yo' kin see sich gwines-on an' not r'ar right spang up an' sass dat 'oman?


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