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The public has an expectation that officers are true to their oath, that they’re upholding the law, not breaking the law.

When Marshall began challenging segregation in the 1930s, the Supreme Court had rejected some forms of racial discrimination even though it had upheld segregation.

This illiberal assault is putting inordinate pressure on the liberal international order and the institutions that uphold it, including the UN, NATO, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, and others.

It also said that survey measures might underestimate the American public’s commitment to upholding democratic norms, when in fact, they might overestimate them.

Similar procedural failures have plagued other administration efforts to abruptly and unilaterally change longstanding immigration controls anchored in existing law and upheld by the courts.

A few days later, Bush replied, “We will uphold the law in Florida.”

And yet, ultimately, the Supreme Court holds the power to uphold or undo what it has taken him years to accomplish.

Meese, with the tacit acquiescence of other top officials, had laid out a version of events all were expected to uphold.

“It also comes with a bit of pressure to uphold that look,” he laughs.

Earlier this week she pleaded with ISIS to uphold the verdict of a makeshift Sharia court, which ruled that he was not a spy.

The very act of producing is sufficient to uphold the equilibrium of the mental frame.

The object of the one party was to support Don Carlos and despotism; the other to uphold Isabella and the constitution.

That we are here proves that we do not uphold the people, and we need not too closely inquire who our neighbor may be.

Note the tiny quivering gold wires that uphold each emerald scale.

The wealth acquired through her naval supremacy enabled her to uphold the cause of her allies on the continent.


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What are other ways to say uphold?

To uphold applies especially to supporting or backing another, as in a statement, opinion, or belief: to uphold the rights of a minority. To support is to hold up or add strength to, literally or figuratively: The columns support the roof. To maintain is to support so as to preserve intact: to maintain an attitude of defiance. To sustain, a rather elevated word, suggests completeness and adequacy in supporting: The court sustained his claim. 

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