Antonyms for arbitrated

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Disputes can not be arbitrated out by other people for them.

I appreciate that some questions are not justiciable and cannot be arbitrated.

For two weeks they studied, debated, and arbitrated the list of guests.

Had that belief not been widely spread and firmly maintained, the lords who arbitrated between Henry VI.

And it is a fortunate thing that between them few "Questions" remain to be arbitrated either by pen or sword.

The Chairman then arbitrated the differences of opinion among the three judges.

For nearly twenty years Venezuela had vainly appealed to the United States, asking that the dispute be arbitrated.

Mr. Root recommended that such disputes should be required to be arbitrated.

It also arbitrated disputes, admitted new worlds to membership, and organized concerted human effort against dangerous enemies.

The matter was arbitrated and it consisted in the gospel workers paying tribute to the king.