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Paul has consistently used Benghazi as a device to stake out high ground on foreign policy.

Do you stake out in Brooklyn and look at what people are wearing?

So is he serious or is he just trying to stake out a politically extreme position?

We pulled plain-clothes cops in to stake out different neighborhoods.

The two candidates have yet to stake out a major battleground issue for the primaries.

Pioneers claimed the right to go in and stake out homesteads, but the soldiers of our government would not allow them to do so.

Then calculate the correct sun time of VI A.M. by your standard watch and stake out the morning hours.

Stake the trap solid, driving stake out of sight, and set the trap about ten inches in front of the hole.

Her oil fields are promising, a paraffine oil of high grade, yet no oil producer has made or can make any great stake out of them.

Set trap, a No. 1, in an inch of water square under the log and stake out in deep water as far as possible.


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