Definition for wiretap

noun as in surveillance

verb as in bug

Strong matches

eavesdrop, overhear, spy, tap

Weak match

listen in

verb as in eavesdrop

Strongest matches

listen in, overhear, snoop

Strong matches

bug, monitor, pry, spy, tap, wire

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Example Sentences

On Hoover’s desk sat a notebook containing all the outstanding wiretaps the Bureau then had running.

From Time

Theoharis obtained tens of thousands of documents related to illegal wiretaps, mail openings and break-ins.

There don’t seem to be any secret wiretaps or defectors who are telling all.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s guide to recording police notes that in places with one-party-consent wiretap laws—38 US states and the District of Columbia—you can freely record audio.

The government got what it needed from a wiretap of defendant Basaaly Saeed Moalin's phone, not from the mass collection of metadata.

After a wiretap at the home of a Civella relative produced devastating evidence of hidden ownership, the FBI moved in.

Tipped off by the wiretap, federal agents in another incident pulled over a locked freezer truck, loaded with 26 people.

Helpfully, he's fled to Yemen, where that nation's intelligence service can freely wiretap him.

After all, to get a FISA judge to grant a warrant, you at least need to know the name of the person you want to wiretap.


On this page you'll find 142 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to wiretap, such as: care, control, examination, inspection, scrutiny, and supervision.

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