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noun as in bad end of a situation

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Example Sentences

There’s pain across the board, but women are definitely bearing the brunt.

From Fortune

We are counting on this vaccine to get us out of the pandemic, and we’re going to be left with populations where they will continue to be exposed and bearing the brunt of this if we don’t get the vaccines to those high-risk areas.

From Time

That pain has been most concentrated in service sectors — restaurants, bars, hotels — that have borne the brunt of the pandemic.

Women and girls have borne the brunt of the pandemic, but they have also led the fight against it.

From Time

Many of those communities are in Oregon counties already bearing the brunt of timber tax cuts, which cost the state nearly $3 billion in revenue that would have been largely used to fund schools and local governments.

As the Harvard Crimson noted, Byrne “had been bearing the brunt of the Harvard attack” all afternoon.

Though vampire legends exist the world over, Romania and Bulgaria have born the brunt of the attention.

As the epidemic rages on, the children will continue to bear a huge brunt of the blow.

Consequently, the ones who suffer the brunt of your bluster are not Muslims in other nations that you may want to influence.

Now, in a slightly meta moment, Brunt and Sky News are being harassed by the online community who blame them for her death.

I hope you are able to bear the brunt of the battle, for my vocabulary will scarcely carry me through ten words.

The men of the other brigade were scarcely,—if any,—better prepared, and upon them fell the brunt of the first assault.

We writhe in pain and bear the brunt of an arrogant tyranny from whatever force that created and controls us.

It is the old men, the women, the children, the babies and the physically imperfect who must bear the brunt of dreadfulness.

They have to bear the brunt of the war, which to them is a fight of endurance and eternal, everlasting waiting—waiting—waiting.


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