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noun as in earthquake

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When a quake does hit, modern early warning systems can help people brace for shaking.

Other robots use lasers to scout below the surface of Mars to find out what they are made of — and if there are quakes.

The overwhelming majority of the destruction came from the flames, not the quake.

Most of the quakes were far too small to be felt but were detectable by the sensors.

This is a quake that measures 7 or more on the Richter scale.

But with a stronger quake, we could have a serious problem.

If anything demonstrates the power of comedy to make dictators quake in their boots, it is the events of the past few days.

Almost six years after the deadly quake, little of the money pledged to rebuild the broken city has been anted up.

It is aware that the fear on which it ultimately thrives is that of politicians who quake at its supposed influence and money.

The smaller wineries still cleaning up from the quake are not yet equipped to process fruit.

I could feel a quake go through him as a tree which has just been cut throbs before it falls.

Your Court is made up of owls who fear the light, of old men who quake in the presence of the young, or who simply disregard them.

It made him quake to think that she might suddenly see out of those dear, blind eyes.

"That was an awful big quake," replied Zeb, with a white face.

He was, I think, the only man in Thrums who did not quake when the minister looked at him.


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