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noun as in rhythm, beat

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As officials make difficult calls about when to lift—or reapply—restrictions, it will help to have “a pulse of the level of infection in a community, in real time,” says Matus—like the one thrumming under our feet.

We have recorded these people not breathing and having no pulse.

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During systole, as the heart pushes blood into the rest of the body, it’s possible to feel your pulse in your fingertips.

Sonar systems send out pulses of sound and detect the echoes.

Medical imaging relies on very short pulses of this low-intensity ultrasound.

Add the water mixture all at once and pulse until the mixture just comes together.

“There was still no pulse, not even the smallest bit,” Johnson says.

The cop lay open-eyed with a grievous head wound as Johnson again checked for a pulse.

The pulse of the music gives the film a thrilling kind of unity.

However, in calm, deep wave sleep, breathing and pulse is slow and regular, and movements are more than rare, he says.

The pulse in Louis's temples beat hard; yet he was determined not to anticipate, but make Wharton explain himself.

Her pulse was beneath his fingers, and with every stroke of it he felt more keenly the mystery and cruelty of life.

But he thought of the inexorable beating of that pulse of life—of life, and the will to live as her philosophy desired.

It is merely occupied with the number of times the pulse beats per minute in different positions of the body.

His pulse rate was now in the neighborhood of ten per second, which is a pretty good increase.


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