Antonyms for impacts

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Presently there came the gentlest of impacts and then a clanking sound.

Groans answered the impacts and he knew his blows were taking effect.

But if they could not see the fist to guard against it, they could see the results of the fist's impacts.

He was headed for the underground galleries when the first impacts came.

These impacts were followed by the devastating years of war from 1861 to 1865.

Then he heard two impacts of the bullet, first as it struck upon stone, and then as glancing, it fell among the leaves.

The heating is the more intense the greater the number of impacts per second and the greater the energy of each impact.

In 1668, Wallis postulated the correct theory of impacts of inelastic bodies, based on the principle of conservation of momentum.

This floe, about six feet thick and 100 ft. across, was eventually split and smashed by the impacts.

These impacts set into more rapid motion the molecules of the plate; and the temperature of the tube rises.