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Congress has stalled on compromising on another stimulus bill to help boost states, the unemployed, and small businesses, and a less expensive proposal by Republicans failed to pass a vote in the Senate on Thursday.

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The scaled back stimulus package does not include funding for a second round of $1,200 stimulus checks—a proposal that for months Republican and Democratic leaders supported.

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In Hangzhou, China, municipal authorities are working with Alibaba, headquartered there, to launch a digital-coupon stimulus program via the Alipay platform.

The second round of stimulus checks would cost around $290 billion—the price tag of the first round of stimulus checks.

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With drills, you get the neuromuscular stimulus when the body is tired.

Supporters of the president argue these trends are inevitable and the Stimulus made a terrible situation better.

First, they let the stimulus boost expire, which that meant an average family of three receiving benefits lost $29 per month.

It is “yo,” the absence of reason, the sound of a simply occupying and desperate stimulus.

The stimulus, with its emphasis on public sector jobs, did little for Main Street.

And still—an auto-bailout, a health care bill, a stimulus, the regular lifting of the debt ceiling, defense and budget deals.

In the same way the technical form and mechanism of production were presumed to respond to an automatic stimulus.

In a strict sense, of course, no child's drawing is absolutely spontaneous and independent of external stimulus and guidance.

Some other stimulus to our Territorial recruiting than the fear of invasion will have to be invented in future.

British pasture farming was to be annihilated, and an immense stimulus given to that of our continental rivals.

What an agitation, and at the same time what an unhealthy stimulus to his over-sensibility!


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