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The stock markets, meanwhile — the sum total of public equities — are worth an estimated $48 trillion.

I had seen a distant spout once, when crossing the Atlantic by boat, but that was my sum total exposure to any whale species.

This all puts an organization’s attack surface—the sum total of the nooks and crannies hackers can pry into—at risk.

This is the sum total of what I’ve learned about how to keep your stuff at its best.

Leibniz, on the other hand, claimed that space and time were nothing more than the sum total of distances and durations between all the objects and events of the world.

When asked if that was “the sum total of the conversation about that,” Jackson replied, “Uh-huh, correct.”

The sum total of these moves seem aimed at putting the kibosh on diplomacy.

But the insured losses for insurance companies may not reflect the sum total of economic damage suffered by the region.

I think most people who know John recognize that this mistake is not the sum total of who he is.

It is the sum total of all the science fiction movies that have come before.

There need be no fear that with shortened hours of labor the sum total of production would fall short of human needs.

For what we call mind exists, and it must be contained in the sum-total of existence, or how could it arise out of it?

It would hold the sum-total of all moneys disbursed, even if they were reduced to the standard of vulgar copper.

It was of no more consequence in the sum total than the life of some obscure individual in the teeming millions of the earth.

Here was my favorite text, here my sum total of speculative philosophy.


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