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She threw some clothes into a bag, along with her passport, two mobile phones and a wad of cash before climbing into a taxi with her brother and father.

From Time

To reach the 150-year-old mark, you might need to live in an environment free of stressors — and a wad of cash to cover what will be costly treatments.

From Ozy

To wipe before returning to your outdoor shenanigans, you might need extra practice holding back the fabric layers with one hand while the other wields a pee rag or wad of toilet paper.

As our mouths water, saliva not only softens and shapes food into wads but also helps us swallow them.

Those wads were designed to soak up excess saliva during dental procedures.

He licked them up with a slick bronzy tongue and spat a thick wad of honey-brown juice into the empty teacup.

HE was arrested for drug trafficking outside the dry cleaners and police found a wad of cash in his left front pocket.

Peggy commits a grievous faux pas when she nervously eyes her purse—with a wad of cash inside—next to the sofa.

He was handsome, flirty, and always had a wad of cash from which he dispensed $10 and $20 bills.

A quick glance—a sniff—is all it takes to acknowledge a wad.

Got through the partition door; he had even thought to block the snap-lock with a paper wad.

In fact, I don't believe old Uncle Charlie ever meant me to come in for all his wad.

They waste mair in yae day, whiles, than wad keep your family or mine for a whole year.

Then rub a little charcoal powder over the pricked pattern with a wad of soft cotton-wool.

When they carried out the coffins, she sprang up gin she wad follow them, but was putten back to bed again.


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