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noun as in bed

noun as in bunk

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noun as in mattress

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noun as in stretcher

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Example Sentences

Some stick GPS trackers on pallets, betting that robbers will forklift the whole lot instead of picking up individual boxes.

Today, companies such as Boston Dynamics produce ultra-efficient robots which load trucks, build pallets, and move boxes around factories, undertaking tasks you might think only humans could perform.

Willie Bullock grimaces through the pain in his shoulder as he loads pallets of food into a moving truck.

The US Food and Drug Administrations authorized the drug’s use, and the federal government ordered pallets full.

It can either be equipped to transport troops “safely and comfortably,” Gibert stresses, or to carry containers, or pallets, or whatever else the army wants to transport.

On our last visit, we noticed a whole pallet of Purple Heart, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Silver Star certificates.

I noticed their new un-faded uniforms, their dust-free boots, and their duffel bags stacked high on a pallet.

We love the chicken on a pallet of herby, slightly sweet cornbread dressing, which imbibes all the seeping juices.

It is important that a smooth and balanced experience on the pallet is created.

In 2004, a pallet of batteries caught fire on a FedEx plane.

The unoccupied pallet of Martini lay in one corner of this miserable anti-room.

There were usually six joints or sources of friction, between the key and the pallet.

That with the increased area of the pallet is why the lower notes of the organ were so hard to play.

The bellows, being expanded by the wind, pulls down the pallet in the wind-chest; the bellows does all the hard work.

Under these conditions, the large motor B collapses and the pull-down P (which is connected with the organ pallet) rises.


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