Definition for cradle

noun as in small bed for baby

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Strong matches

bassinet, cot, hamper, pannier

noun as in early childhood; origins

verb as in hold in arms; nurture

Strong matches

lull, nestle, nourish, nurse, rock, support, tend

Weak match

watch over

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Example Sentences

Hot blue stars kicked out of their cradles may explain a mysterious ultraviolet glow that surrounds the disks of many spiral galaxies.

It sat last week in a special cradle among an estimated 300,000 other items housed in the 300,000 square feet of Navy storage space in Building 54 at the sprawling Defense Supply Center.

The wand and charging cradle are included in the first delivery.

From Fortune

It includes portafilter cradle which makes it more like a professional cafe grinder.

That the development of agriculture and proliferation of human civilization has only occurred within the cradle of the Holocene’s mild and stable climate is widely considered no coincidence.

You have focused on individual events and ideas in your books about Lincoln rather than the cradle-to-grave biographical approach.

His books include Up From the Cradle of Jazz: New Orleans Music Since World War II and a novel, Last of the Red Hot Poppas.

Both Linda Perilstein, executive director of Cradle of Hope, and Leslie Case of Spence-Chapin, both declined to comment.

Doctors would not let the Cradle of Civilization come to this.

When it comes to art, we are taught from the cradle that copying is wrong.

She rose comforted, and drawing the baby's cradle out into the veranda, seated herself at her embroidery.

The scarlet calico canopy was again set up over the bed, and the woven cradle, on its red manzanita frame, stood near.

When the funeral was over, and they returned to their desolate home, at the sight of the empty cradle Ramona broke down.

From its very cradle socialism showed the double aspect which has distinguished it ever since.

Oh, yes,—he has served me from my cradle; and his plain honest heart feels for his mistress's fallen fortunes, and is heavy.


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