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noun as in core, gist

noun as in bump, knot

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At the end of our first post-vaccine dinner party, the tablecloth was stained, the candles were burned down to nubs, and the dog was licking up bits of rice pilaf that, at some point, fell to the floor.

Once it is steamed, even the tough outer petals feature a little nub of tender flesh at the tip where they attach to the heart.

Chemicals from food hit tiny nubs on our tongue called papillae that hold taste buds.

Those handy extending nubs, however, don’t play very nicely with wireless charging.

The nub of the argument is that surveillance capitalism’s target is human nature itself — with Zuboff calling out the “data business” playbook of “hidden extraction mechanisms” which she said are robbing us of the ability to fight back.

Crippling weight loss and the task of adjusting to life as a single mom nearly wore me to a nub.

Or you could go whole hog like Nub Sweeney and just wear overalls.

The nub of the whole matter is: The claims made for Sanatogen are unwarranted, misleading and fraudulent.

And, having drawn all possible satisfaction from the other's amazement, he sprang the nub of his joke with a grin.

In the flat center of each lock was a small keyhole and alongside of it a notched nub, the nub being sunk in a minute depression.

Only the red nub of it showed above the timber line across the lake, and the shadows lay inland a long way.

Halloway reflectively knocked the nub of ash from his pipe, and went on more slowly.


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