Definition for snow

noun as in snowstorm

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Weak match

snow flurry

noun as in frozen vapor

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noun as in precipitation

Strongest matches

blizzard, snowstorm

Weak matches

firn, graupel

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Example Sentences

Even I learned some new bits, such as the glorious aside Baggott drily delivers that Francis Bacon died from pneumonia that he contracted from stuffing a dead chicken with snow to see if it would preserve it.

The slim, 1-inch body fits easily in a pocket, and with an IP rating of 68, the light won’t let you down in rain, sleet, or snow.

Spring arrived, as always in the Kashmir Valley, with melting snow and blossoming chinar trees.

His graduate research focused on the glacially carved lakes surrounding California’s Mount Shasta — a setting that gave Priscu, after a childhood in the Mojave Desert, full-on exposure to snow and ice.

Bright snow and ice reflect much of the incoming radiation from the sun.

Not quite, but at one point the temperature registered 29 below zero, with 21 inches of snow.

But mostly they just walked, their faces somber, their hands shaking as the snow began to fall.

There was snow on the ground when I made my last trip to see Sheffield.

“I think there's too much snow in Finland at the present time,” he announces.

Because the American film industry is based in the sun bleached sands of Southern California, movies rarely feature snow.

To advance in such circumstances was out of the question, he therefore set about building a miniature hut of snow.

By his commandment he maketh the snow to fall apace, and sendeth forth swiftly the lightnings of his judgment.

At the foot of the pass, the valley widened a little, though still with steep, snow-capped cliffs crowding it on either side.

I would not just then have traded off that steamboat for several square miles of snow-capped sublimity.

She may be as chaste as unsunned snow, she is certainly as cold: but for warm, inspiring virtue!


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