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He is wearing an expensive-looking winter coat and a MAGA cap clipped to his backpack, and he is full of bravado over his hijinks during the Capitol takeover.

On the airwaves, Shapiro presents his arguments with an element of bravado — he’s credited with coining the phrase “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

We have to separate the aspirational from the intentional and determine which of the individuals saying despicable things on the internet are just practicing keyboard bravado, or they actually have the intent to do harm.

From Time

As the chopper above the Wharf’s Transit Pier Floating Stage threatened to overwhelm Butler’s voice, her brassy bravado still pierced the autumn air with clarity.

Amid the cocksure bravado of the adventure-sports world, fluidity is read as weakness.

Even the legendary 1980s televisions show Dallas is back on the air, selling its twenty-first century brand of Texas bravado.

And we can listen to the pathetic, creepy bravado of a former vice president, wrong on nearly every decision he made.

Picasso, with his polka-dot shirt and clashing tie attempted an air of bravado, but lost confidence by the minute.

He sees the GOP moving back to its roots as the party advocating for more weapons and more bravado in American foreign policy.

Zaharchenko on Friday night projected defiance rather than bravado, no doubt buoyed by the Moscow-sent materiel and fighters.

Go hoodles, travel without even the protection of a hood; by way of bravado.

The answer was given slowly, without any bravado, but whatever energy of life there was in the speaker had gone into it.

He was surrounded with bravado and devilry, with all the disbanded sins of the Flanders regiments.

The poor little girl had lost her bravado of the night before.

Her manner at first is a mixture of alternate shyness and bravado.


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