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All these years later, I’m still a sucker for a Baby Ruth, allegedly named for President Grover Cleveland’s deceased daughter, though that was likely a clever ruse to avoid paying royalties to the Sultan of Swat.

The problems at Ozy included its chief operations officer impersonating a YouTube executive on an investor call with Goldman Sachs, which saw through the apparent ruse, and inflated traffic numbers.

From Quartz

His 40-year ruse unraveled as police pieced together anonymous tips, finally stumbling across the news of Lafferty’s second, officially verified death.

From Ozy

Amy’s ensuing ordeal, however, also underlines the difficulty of maintaining such a ruse in a world where everyone has access to the same tools, knows the same tricks, and is able to make inquiries that put cons in jeopardy.

Central government authorities were accused last year of tracking China’s oppressed Uighur minority in Xinjiang using DNA samples collected under the ruse of free health checks.

From Fortune

The ruse worked and her attendance at the party went unreported.

But the Beyoncé stage pictures are a ruse: they have an air of intimacy while telling us nothing of substance at all.

Lyman admitted that his friends were skeptical about his motives but he denied suggestions that this was an elaborate ruse.

Some consider this a continued furious response to the vaccine ruse perpetrated by the CIA in order to find Osama bin Laden.

According to the indictment, however, it was all a clever ruse.

The ruse by which he and Lannes captured the bridge below Vienna was discreditable no doubt from the point of view of morality.

The motive of this harmless ruse was to bolster up Spanish prestige and thereby avoid bloodshed.

The English, fearing a ruse, continued to stand to their arms till their scouts confirmed the mortifying intelligence.

Another ruse to keep her mind engaged was to trace out our course with a stick on a patch of bare earth.

It was but a ruse to hold his attention while savages up the slope and behind fallen timber drew a bead on him.


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