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Congress should pass legislation allowing for an expedient and merciful resettlement of Afghan refugees into the country.

From Time

In some uncomplicated health-care situations, professional medical knowledge is sufficient to find an expedient solution, so decisions are straightforward.

After all, they reasoned, Burr was an expedient politician who would defect to the party that thrust him into power.

Machine learning provides an equitable, precise, and expedient capability to allocate our precious vaccine supplies.

From Fortune

Walling America off—whether physically, economically, or digitally—is expedient, but it is the ultimate self-defeating move for a 21st-century power that relies on international interconnectedness.

From Fortune

It was the result of a chain of good decisions—wise, prudent, long-sighted, or, at the least, expedient choices.

So in Florida, backing Medicaid expansion may become the politically expedient thing for the Republican.

Obama noted Thursday that both sides in the conflict blame the U.S., a popular and expedient political tactic in Egypt.

And because “it is very tempting to a minister to employ such an expedient…the practice will…be abused, in every government.”

The egalitarian rule-follower is merely expedient, but the loyal person will go to the wall for you.

I beseech your Majesty to be pleased to have executed immediately what is most expedient for the royal service in this matter.

But, after all, perhaps it might be easier and more expedient if he were to appear to accept the Seneschal's statement.

Probably his retreat would be cut off by some similar device, so the bolder expedient of an advance offered the better chance.

He trusted that what might be done in this matter be most expedient for the service of the king our sovereign.

Yet all this was beside the main point, which was that the action of Congress, whether expedient or not, was illegal.


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