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Critics from patriotic bloggers to academics go as far as claiming China’s leaders have been hoodwinked by Western counterparts trying to hold China back.

Initially hoodwinked by Lysenko, over time, as he looked into Lysenko’s claims, Vavilov became suspicious, and he asked a student of his to see if Lysenko’s results could be replicated.

Or when he said the Clinton camp was trying to “bamboozle” or “hoodwink” voters?

From blueberry-free blueberry muffins to nutty cereals with no nuts, how foodmakers hoodwink their customers.

Madame de la Baudraye would have to hoodwink her mother, her husband, her maid, and her mother's maid; that is too much to do.

His whole policy in fact was but a miserable attempt to hoodwink the Spanish people.

Nothing, of course, and so the all-important point was to hoodwink the British commander.

The assertion that slavery did not exist in the Transvaal is only made to hoodwink the English public.

It was as though he had detected them in a sort of childs play by which they had hoped to hoodwink him.


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