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The research team is putting a pin in their red-hot research for now, but Garagouni hopes it will serve as a springboard for others on the quest to outwit dolphins.

In civilization, you don’t need to outwit lions and antelopes, or memorize every fruit tree and watering hole within 1,000 square miles.

Although some people only litter unintentionally when they are outwitted by wild animals rummaging through their trash at night, millions of others admit to intentionally throwing garbage out of their moving cars.

Technologically, that means investing in hypersonic missiles to match those of China or Russia, for instance, or in military artificial intelligence to try outwitting them.

The virus continues to evolve, and as it collides with human immunity, it may evolve in ways that allow it to outwit the immune system.

How has Jill Abramson managed to so far outwit her former boss, the New York Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr.?

Will a sage coach like John Calipari be able to outwit a relative newcomer in Kevin Ollie, he of a mere two seasons on the job?

Doris Lessing invented Jane Somers to outwit indifferent publishers.

Here was a woman's revenge, to bait, to charm, to spurn; and then to outwit him!

Peachum then intends to outwit me in this Affair; but Ill be even with him.

Something must be done, and quickly, Tharn realized, were he to outwit those whose feet were even now pounding on the stairs.

The Princess saw that her only hope was to outwit the fox, and she immediately thought of a plan to gain her end.

I think they are going to attempt to take us by surprise, but by the aid of the Prophet we will outwit them.


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