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Previous estimates of the constant disagree with one another, leaving scientists in a muddle over its true value.

From the muddle of ideas, Shan says, those three reports at the dawn of the 20th century helped introduce Mendel’s work to other scientists in the fledgling field of heredity.

To stand out as exceptionally beholden to the muddle of conspiracy theory and fury that defines that group — which includes Reps.

If you follow friends, celebrities, news organizations, humor accounts, and others, all the disparate content will get jumbled together in a muddle.

In many other cases, the result of using the tropes of so-called low culture as a vehicle for high-minded commentary has been a misguided, potentially offensive muddle.

From Time

But the option of replacing a new diplomatic breakthrough with open-ended diplomatic muddle-through is not on the table.

Those desperate to find a middle ground in this political muddle could find some silver linings in the survey findings.

Meanwhile, the muddle in Malaysia makes it far harder for the searchers to know where to look.

That common denominator gets lost in the muddle, sometimes, when we talk about fashion.

This is not a moment to get misty-eyed and muddle-headed about freedom of the press or right to know.

Now, contrast that awful muddle of unreason and injustice with what you call my "counsels of despair."

Here the Scot entered into explanations which threw the Cockney's brain into a complete muddle.

I mean—Well, anyhow I take it Mr. Remington stands for constructing a civilised state out of this muddle.

It's all a muddle, a compromise, a monstrosity, like everything else you produce; there's nothing in it that goes on all-fours.

And I'm a cripple, and she's beautiful—— Oh, my mind's in a muddle!


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