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There is a lot of uncertainty in the SEO community on whether Google actually uses behavioral metrics to rank pages.

We’re just getting more used to the uncertainty rather than the uncertainty receding.

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Businesses are now looking to figure out possible steps and responses to mitigate risks in these uncertainties.

All that said, I’ve had my moments, too, where I’ve gotten really really bummed out, or depressed, or wherever you want to call it, about just the situation, because there’s so much uncertainty.

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Now the travel-focused mega-unicorn must still contend with the uncertainty of the pandemic.

From Fortune

New York blinks in the face of uncertainty and bans hydraulic fracturing.

But for me, this admittance of uncertainty and doubts grounds Serial in reality.

His Canon camera dangled by his side and the feeling of uncertainty over what he could now report punctuated everything he said.

Kundera sees fiction as a realm of many partial truths, its only certainty “the wisdom of uncertainty.”

If the certainty of the wisdom of uncertainty is itself uncertain, the force of the definition crumbles by logical standards.

The uncertainty as to the dates of his father's death and his own has suggested a doubt whether he ever succeeded to the lordship.

Billy Towler—alias Walleye—looked after him with an air of uncertainty.

Considering the uncertainty in which we are left by both text and commentary, the best we can do is to adore without disputing.

“N–not exactly,” replied Amy, with a smile and glance of uncertainty, as if she did not quite see the drift of the question.

After two months of uncertainty, the committee decided to dispense with his reply, and invited Rimsky-Korsakov to take his place.


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