Definition for risk

noun as in chance taken

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Example Sentences

Along with deforestation, climate change also plays a role in increasing fire risk in the Amazon and Pantanal.

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That won’t lessen the current level of risk, but it could at least limit how much worse things get.

Water customers in Imperial Beach and Coronado were at risk of a suspect pricing mechanism, according to a ratepayer watchdog, until state regulators stepped in late last month.

Some groups are subject to disproportionate risks so that other groups reap disproportionate benefits.

When nothing else is predictable, brands can afford to take risks.

From Digiday

Obsessive exercising and inadequate nutrition can, over time, put people at high risk for overuse injuries like stress fractures.

Together, the teams are working 24 hours a day for a product that promises much higher risk than it does profit.

Politicians who openly associated with Duke, or his hard-core associates, did so at their own risk.

Advanced maternal age dramatically increases the risk of maternal mortality as well as birth defects like Down Syndrome.

It denotes the person that puts on the badge, puts on the blue uniform, and goes into the streets to put their life at risk.

But a lawyer who needed the wherewithal finally condescended to risk the task, and into it he plunged.

If the Duke de Ripperda be found, he must be taken alive, at the risk of those who seek him.

Assuredly, this was an occasion when the sacrifice of a few minutes might avoid the grave risk of a breakdown after daybreak.

The hospitals in the capital were crowded with wounded soldiers, brought in at great risk from the rural districts.

We find these figures in “Chance,”‌ which by Concurrence describes the risk they ran.


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