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Slide your spoonful of cereal on over to your milk for a quick bath or a longer soak, and control your crunch.

This tray can hold anything and everything you might need for a relaxing soak.

These are made for a hot tub, but if your bath is big enough they can really liven up a soak, holding whatever beverage you might want to sip while finishing up that new book about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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While previous approaches relied on long soaks in the solution to ensure enough CNTs got deposited, the researchers instead carried out a series of 10-second soaks interspersed with drying.

They repeated these cycles of soak-and-release at least 10 times.

Preheat the oven to 450°F. Soak the cranberries in ¾ cup cranberry juice for 15 minutes.

They would soak bags of macaroni to make dough, roll it out and create dumplings, which they sold with a side of lo mein.

Spring is starting to arrive, and we plan to soak up as much sun as our vitamin-D-deficient bodies can handle.

It had a festive air last Sunday as residents flooded into the spotlessly clean park to soak up the first rays of spring.

While drinking that eat two bananas and let the peels soak in a glass of water.

After this process the rolls are placed in a jar full of clear water and left to soak for three days.

When the segments are quite dry, prepare a jar with clear soft water, and put them in this to soak over night.

The buri leaves remain in the water and soak thus for three days and three nights.

A 5-per-cent solution can be purchased for a few cents at any drug store and will soak a great number of wicks.

Soak some clean blotting paper in the hyposulphite-of-soda solution and allow it to dry.


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