Definition for overwhelm

verb as in flood, beat physically

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Example Sentences

This could help groups deal with those whose behavior is often flagged, but it could also overwhelm groups with a large number of users.

The uptick in mail votes threatens to overwhelm the cash-strapped Postal Service, which recently warned that some state absentee ballot deadlines may not allow for enough time for ballots to be delivered and counted.

Two years ago, the left badly underestimated what it would take to beat Carper, as a surge of suburban turnout overwhelmed Harris's 29,406 votes — thousands more than her campaign thought she needed.

As outbreaks overwhelmed hospitals in April, pressure from local public officials grew, leading to the rapid-fire closures of some of the nation’s largest slaughterhouses.

Once they make their way in, these hues, with their longer wavelengths, overwhelm the sky.

That was the last time the band allowed tepid performances and overwrought production overwhelm an otherwise solid set of songs.

He used his strength to overwhelm defenders but he also had nifty footwork, soft hands, and was a beautiful passer.

Everywhere around you and inside you are possibilities you must always keep open, yet never let overwhelm you.

Like all barbiturates, it can overwhelm alertness to the point of stopping the urge to breathe.

On the negative side, the sheer tonnage of opinions can overwhelm and cause a degree of amnesia.

Not infrequently these occasional waves are great enough to overwhelm persons who are upon the rocks next the shore.

Will its shadow so overwhelm the rest that her naturally pure spirit will shrink from me just at the moment when I think her mine?

Perhaps it is always thus when circumstances arise which overwhelm the human being.

As Michael mentally repeated the thunderous English line, a surge of melancholy caught him up to overwhelm his thoughts.

It swept down on the Three Sisters as if seeking to overwhelm them.


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