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noun as in item used for propelling object

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verb as in propel with arms or tool

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Example Sentences

This video follows professional kayaker Dane Jackson and his friends as they paddle through one of its narrowest sections, only accessible by kayak.

This means that on portages, two people each grab a bag and some paddles, and the third person hoists the canoe.

The moment you land, two paddlers hop out, hoist the two packs and paddles, and hit the trail.

These breaks can vary from beginner to advanced, depending on where you paddle out, how shallow the sandbank is, and how strong the current is.

Meanwhile, the rover’s back wheels paddled from side to side.

Others plan where to paddle into the surf off Black's Beach to catch a wave when the big breakers start rolling in.

Ever obliging, Springsteen then flexed all the right things on a paddle board.

His paddle had “FAH-Q” painted on one side, and “O.B./Badass” painted on the other.

I have good balance, but it was basically the first time I had ever been on a paddle board.

What do you call it when a husband beats his wife with a paddle for disobeying him?

Then she would turn him over on his back and paddle his stomach with a ladle to make sure that he was well filled!

The girls were dressed in such boating costumes as gave them the very freest movement, and they both used the paddle skillfully.

But suddenly Jessie drove her paddle deep into the water and sent the canoe in a dash to the landing.

The 'Syria' was originally a paddle-wheel steamer, having oscillating cylinders worked with steam of 25 lbs.

An article in 'The Times' gives in strong contrast the relative value of screw and paddle-wheels as propellers.


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