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noun as in cigar

noun as in marijuana

noun as in pot

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noun as in tobacco

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noun as in plant

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Example Sentences

They had superhuman speed and could run up my arm and jump into the weeds before I could react.

Ask any farmer or gardener and they’ll confirm that a few hours of hauling dirt, pulling weeds, and pushing seeds into soil is as exhausting as a gnarly mountain-bike ride.

Like cleaning out that garden, it will take some work, some knowledge, and the right tools thought the dirt and weeds, in this case, are purely digital.

Marijuana Moment’s newsletter aggregates both US and international legal developments in the weed world, and links to related stories about cannabis culture, business, and science.

From Quartz

This competition is a trial-by-fire for mitochondria and weeds out even the slightest mismatch.

The pale, baby-faced, red-cheeked rapper is furiously puffing away at a hastily-made blunt crammed with low-grade weed.

Antoine himself had recently been arrested on a six-year-old warrant for a dime bag of weed.

Maurice, a 22-year-old father, says the cops planted weed on him after he was arrested once.

There was a lot of weed, he snorted a ton of coke, was guzzling Bloody Marys.

As our correspondent discovers, a little weed can go a long way.

They are so rich in harmony, so weird, so wild, that when you hear them you are like a sea-weed cast upon the bosom of the ocean.

The weed growing over every water, and at the bank of the river, shall be pulled up before all grass.

Lamb fills his case, and lights this the ne plus ultra of a soothing weed.

We should infer also from some of the early stage plays, that the "players" used the weed even when acting their parts.

In no part of the world is smoking so common as in South America; here all classes and all ages use the weed.


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