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noun as in something condensed from whole

verb as in select a quotation

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Mycologist Paul Stamets, for one, has shown that a mycelium extract can decompose petroleum waste and sprout oyster mushrooms in its place.

He and his team had shown that extracts of certain fungi could be used to reduce bee mortality dramatically.

He had been producing these extracts for human consumption for several years—it is largely these products that have made Fungi Perfecti into a multimillion-dollar business.

The jar dribbled sugar water laced with fungal extracts into the dish, and bees crawled through a chute to get to it.

The health benefits to me are real—anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation, et cetera—but it is up to each person to determine how hemp extract and CBD can benefit them.

From Fortune

Humanitarian organizations had already pulled out, and French troops rushed in to extract the 15 foreigners left in the city.

The scientists were able to extract sufficient DNA from the roots, and they did indeed find the virus fossils.

The procedure they undergo to extract eggs is intense and invasive and there are no sexual kicks involved.

Sophia pays the $20,000 or more necessary to extract and freeze a large number of her eggs.

So the advantages of being able to extract and store the most energy out of the minimum of calories far outweighed any risks.

It may be applied directly to a suspected fluid, or, better, to the ethereal extract.

The following extract from the "Australasian" entitled, "Tobacco Smoking" refers to many literary smokers.

As to the concluding line of the extract, I must leave it to some better Irish scholar than I can boast myself.

This Extract will make a convenient statistic reference for matters concerning Liberia.

See the whole extract from Boccaccio, given and translated in the Introduction; see p. 68, above.


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