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If you’re a good talker, you can go out canvassing for a politician you believe will make the right choices on climate.

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She also said the school made the wrong choice to cancel the class as it did.

Asking individual customers how they feel about various messaging options can give you a goldmine of useful data to help inform the language and design choices you make.

A survey by SocialBeta showed that 32% of WeChat users use it as their prime search engine of choice, and 46% use it as a general search tool.

This pack of 15 fine pens is an awesome choice for people who want the option to erase their work.

It is freedom, and accountable both legally and socially to the free choices of others around them.

Nothing will work sensibly, or fairly, until human responsibility is restored as the activating force for all public choices.

Just wanted to place it in the context of slates needing picture choices that throw off revenue to make the numbers work.

There are plenty of tragic and inspiring choices, but the most obvious legacy Castro will leave behind is the broken family.

But these choices are where Iron from Ice (and other Telltale properties) sets itself apart.

And death or the Penal Cluster were their only choices if they were discovered.

The plan itself is the record of the choices made in the outlay of that amount of income.

Adoption of Islam, emigration or death were the choices held out to the infidel.

Back of these best possible choices must lie the highest ideals and the courage to demand the fulfilment of these ideals.

Only on this basis does power over other men permit the free choices on their part which are essential to full moral life.


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