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Somewhere in his past, Elliot had been hurt so badly that he dissociated into a version of himself who cared for everybody by ceasing to care about himself.

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In order for Morgan’s ideas to be considered plausible, they had to be stripped of her sharp feminist wit, dissociated from Morgan herself, and repackaged as legitimate science.

Hatcher was dissociating, on the verge of tears, and he had no idea what he was doing.

A separate study last week showed that it’s possible to grow a mouse fetus through half of its gestation in an artificial womb—a record for mammals, and one that further dissociates reproduction from the age-old “sperm meets egg” story.

In most water loss models that assume atmospheric loss, the idea has been that UV radiation causes water high in the air to dissociate into hydrogen and oxygen.

He could mimic printed text with alarming accuracy and dissociate the shapes and lines from their inherent meanings.

It is difficult to dissociate the materials upon nationalities from those upon nations.

Nor can we dissociate health conservation from the other aspects of the movement, even if we would.

You cannot dissociate yourselves from the labouring masses, and in particular from the women and girls of England.

He could not dissociate anything that this woman said or did or wore from an idea of spiritual rarity and virtue.

It is not everybody, however, who can thus dissociate himself.


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