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noun as in cetacean mammal

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Humpback whales off Alaska sometimes use their fins and circular bubble nets to catch fish.

Cetaceans — dolphins, whales and porpoises — are known for using clever strategies to round up meals.

Now researchers have measured levels of carbon-14 in the vertebrae of two whale sharks.

Until now, scientists hadn’t known how fast those whale shark vertebrae gain a new growth band.

To stay submerged longer, whales recycle air that they’ve used to make echolocation clicks.

The Dude is at his happiest when he has a few minutes of solitude and rest to get high and listen to whale sounds.

Japan is throwing its annual whale week again to celebrate its dubious commercial hunting of the endangered mammals.

Guests are also invited to try fried pieces of whale seasoned with curry powder.

That dinner kicked off a government-sanctioned Whale Exhibition that will go until the 13th.

Pharmaceutical company Ohta Isan has a product called Balenine Dash, which is made from whale and claims to give you energy.

A Naval Officer who has seen her says she is lying in shallow water—6 fathoms—bottom upwards looking like a stranded whale.

He was experienced in the North Atlantic trade, in seal, whale and cod fishing and other Newfoundland industries.

Fish scales cover the walls, and everywhere there is a smell as if one were in the belly of a whale.

I've seen pictures of an excited whale turning a boat full of men over.

Fat Boy's two hundred and eighty-odd pounds were drooped over his chair like the blubber of an exhausted, beach-stranded whale.


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