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noun as in baton for hitting

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Aquino credited his parents with imbuing in him the desire to “take up the cudgels for those who have less in life, for the powerless,” he told Time magazine in 2010 while running for president.

Gaetz is a prolific user of social media and the kind of social media user who alternately deploys it for jokes or as a cudgel.

That the issue is being used as a cudgel targeting Democrats isn’t subtle.

With high mandatory sentences as a cudgel, prosecutors pervasively threaten defendants with draconian charges that could lead to years of imprisonment.

That be it as it may, this cudgel that is used to make this man we can call The Mark feel like he’s lucky to be where he is, is actually working since he clearly feels bad about where he might be.

From Ozy

You have this privilege to be famous and you use it as a cudgel?

Gina Dominguez, the spokeswoman for Gov. Javier Duarte and his cudgel with the local press, resigned a mere three days later.

The insane, obscene, yawning difference between the pay of workers and bosses has long been used as a cudgel by labor groups.

They just want any cudgel they can find to beat Obama over the head, so Snowden suits their purposes for now.

The cudgel that President Obama is whacking House Republicans with is the cudgel they themselves put in his hand.

That's the very way we lost the battle:—for had the two parties never met, depend on't, one had never cudgel'd the other.

The higher classes have generally handsome pistols or great knives, the others content themselves with a good cudgel.

Behind him on the roof of one of the houses we saw a man with a long cudgel which he shook at the monkey.

He still carried his cane, but he had no use for it, save to clutch it in one hand more after the manner of a cudgel than a cane.

I am about to fulfil a great act of justice by braining you with my cudgel like a wolf caught in a trap.


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