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Similarly, the pandemic has pummeled the restaurant business.

From Time

If Maddow has been pummeled by the demands of a prime-time cable show, she’s done a fine job of camouflaging the toll.

Some deals, like the one that took Richard Branson’s space company Virgin Galactic Holdings public, have done well, but five electric-car companies that went public via SPACs were subsequently pummeled with what Bloomberg called “brutal” corrections.

Carlson used to invite progressive guests on his show, if only to try to pummel them.

From Time

Jupiter gets hit with plenty of large meteors and comets, Saturn’s rings get pummeled by meteor strikes.

Since then, conflict has continued to pummel much of the eastern part of the Congo, but Kisangani has remained relatively calm.

On Sunday, Iroquois defenders used them to intimidate and pummel Canadians in a second-half surge.

In an attempt to vanquish the monster, the superheroes step in and pummel him, knocking him to the ground.

Romney let the Obama campaign pummel and define him as the profiteering-job destroyer from Bain.

Barbie Nadeau on how one botched road could pummel Italy's economy.

So manage the saddle that with one swing it will 'light on the horse's back with the pummel towards the horse's head (Fig. 207).

Chunky bristled, but restrained himself, though he would have liked to fall on Tad Butler and pummel him.

Never allow the reins to hang loosely on the horses neck, crutch, or pummel of the saddle.

I would get another herdsman; but as for my wife, I'd tie her to the pummel of my saddle, and drag her like that to my castle.

Something of this seemed to dawn on Dan Cassell as the boy he sought to pummel dodged his attack with such cleverness.


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