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Although there certainly is some signal in the probabilities of safe states, in simulations such as these, including them can cause enormous cascades in which a state like Kansas goes blue and so does the rest of America.

So the phytoplankton that can feed a cascade of ocean life don’t bloom here.

Failure to fight the virus and fill the gap in private spending with public dollars will mean less demand in the economy, starting a cascade of more lay-offs and business failures in the classic vicious cycle of recession.

The WNBA is set to begin its season on July 25, while the NBA — the league whose abrupt shutdown set off a cascade of matching shutdowns in other sports — will restart its own season on July 30 at Walt Disney World.

That joint statement led to a cascade of school district closures that eventually led nearly every school in the state to close.

They pulled along till the bay opened out more clearly, and just in front was a cascade, which came tumbling down the rocks.

Alone on an IslandW.H.G. Kingston

I must have great works of art to occupy me in order to obtain a cascade.

We tarried not at all, but got back through the cascade into the cavern again, and so up and out, on the way to that cliff-top.

They all wandered on till they came to a cascade flowing down over some high rocks.

Our Little German CousinMary Hazelton Wade

They have already succeeded in constructing, near the cascade, a corn-mill and a saw-mill, and have built a very good oven.


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.