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She is content with having her routine exude her Blackness because “America is always reminding” her of it.

From Ozy

They fed us, decent enough I must add, and made us wait for hours in that cubicle that was beginning to exude a smell that was not very pleasant.

We chose the historic Carolina Hotel, which opened in 1901 and exudes Southern charm, to start our days, and had dinner at a different restaurant each night.

She exudes youth pastor energy but sprinkles in her own personal brand of Bible-thumping theatricality that makes it nearly impossible to believe that she isn’t carrying out an extreme act of satire.

I willed myself to exude the confidence I’d started gathering at home.

From Time

“Her compositions exude a rigor and tightness,” said Lori Bookstein, whose Chelsea gallery has represented Malcolm since 2003.

The rocker chicks from Deap Vally—akin to an all-girl White Stripes duo—exude a badass demeanor in this retro-fitted video.

Like the other Obama surrogates hitting the airwaves today, Gibbs was doing his best to conceal nervousness and exude confidence.

But the clothes exude a confidence and dignity that is more eloquent than any political treatise.

They exude strength, but the romance and sensuality of fashion are not lost.

We elephants never fear anyone or hate anyone and that is why we exude no stench, but a tiger has to live by killing.

Sea-sand is excluded from the mortar employed, on account of its tendency to imbibe and exude moisture.

At night they could exude a vapor which was capable of dissolving the material from which the clothing had been made.

This liquid may be seen to exude, under different circumstances, from the trunk of the gnat, like a drop of very clear water.

Flies feed principally on fluids which exude from the bodies of animals; that is, sweat, saliva, and other secretions.


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