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verb as in drop, trickle

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There are just these tiny little drips of information that get sent to the reader a little bit at a time.

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A drip drug that allows engineering of the blood system could become a public health boon as significant as vaccines.

Shading occasionally simulates depth, and drips saunter atop the compositions, as if to ring a final note of disorder.

For example, irrigation systems that deliver water through slow drips cut water use by up to 60% compared with sprinklers.

There has been new reporting that he, too, was in the Justice Department’s crosshairs for stock trades that paid off handsomely at the start of the pandemic, and there has been a steady drip of other news about his stock trades.

Meanwhile, Beth is working from inside the hospital to secure the drugs Carol needs and to keep her hooked up to an IV drip.

Mixner would insert it via an IV and hold his friend until the drip was completed.

But as one Republican consultant put it, “There is a drip drip.”

I'm kind of afraid of needles, but if there were a personal intravenous caffeine drip, I would seriously consider it.

His face is gory and pitted with deep shrapnel wounds and his injured hands drip blood on the rumpled woolen blankets.

I lay against a corner of the stockade seat, listening to the wind whispering and to the ceaseless drip-drip of the trees.

Her soft murmuring voice has stolen into his brain; he hears it in the drip, drip of the rain on the sill outside.

Still, there was not much chance of her going out in the fog—and now that he listened, he heard the drip of rain.

The brook was whispering secret things, and the drip from the trees made a soft tinkle, just detectable, on its pools.

In replacing the drip pan of an ice box or refrigerator it is often necessary to bend over in locating it under the drip pipe.


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