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verb as in open mouth wide, usually sign of

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The team found that lions that saw another member of the pride yawn were about 139 times as likely to yawn themselves within the next three minutes.

Seeing the lions yawn reminded Palagi of her own work on contagious yawning in primates.

Watch a group of lions yawn, and it may seem like nothing more than big, lazy cats acting sleepy, but new research suggests that these yawns may be subtly communicating some important social cues.

So, a yawn could be a good way for an individual in a social species to communicate to group mates that it is experiencing some kind of internal change.

That yawn is the greatest compliment an inventor can receive.

From Quartz

The arcane pair of paragraphs are packed with the sort of yawn-provoking polysyllables that only a lawyer could love.

Civil libertarians are outraged, but elsewhere the news was met with a collective yawn.

My greatest fear is that we will find out they are spying on us, and the American public will yawn.

He would read her his poetry, and she would stretch and yawn like a cat.

But so far, the markets have pretty much offered a big yawn.

He was about to stretch himself and give vent to a noisy yawn when the word “Laidlaw” smote his ear.

Men yawn and cough, chairs and beds are noisily moved about, heavy feet pace stone floors.

He disliked the audible yawn with which Cash manifested his return from the deathlike unconsciousness of sleep.

He insisted upon sending for the doctor, who came, striving not to yawn, but to look pleased.

We sometimes yawn, and ask, just by way of conversation, Whether Spain will joyn?


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