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noun as in inactivity

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This concentration of innovation in a few dominant companies has led to inequality and, for many, wage stagnation.

This period, between 1964 and 1982, is called the “era of stagnation” in the graph below.

There’s no wasted time and little of the stagnation that usually happens when one player surveys the floor.

Much of this discontent is related to economic issues — some of them specific, like wage stagnation and the spike in health-care and college costs.

The pattern of no owls, poor sleep, second-guessing, and general stagnation continued on for more than a week.

Republicans must seize this opportunity to pass legislation to improve the economic stagnation.

The Taliban, power cuts, corruption, economic stagnation, Osama bin Laden, all of it.

Others face career uncertainty and stagnation as promotion rates continue to drop for both enlisted and officers.

India expects Modi to deliver the country from economic stagnation.

So this is Obama, hope and change, stock market rallies for the top five percent, and wage stagnation for the rest.

This is a state of affairs tending to produce stagnation and vigorously to check advance.

He was a savage still, and at the close of the struggle he settled down into a second stage of stagnation.

Once reached, it tended to continue indefinitely, stagnation following the era of growth.

While talking to this officer, a lieutenant, he contrived to interest him with an account of the stagnation of trade.

This remarkable contrast between the progress of the north-east and the stagnation of the rest of the country is no new thing.


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