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Immense ground sloths shambled on land and even swam offshore.

On a day during the late Ice Age, a young adult or teen carrying a toddler hustled across a muddy flat where mammoths and giant sloths roamed.

While it is unclear if the mammoth sensed the human presence, the giant ground sloth rose onto its hind legs and moved in circles, suggesting that it knew that there was a human nearby, the researchers say.

A little digging revealed fossilized human footprints as well as those from a mammoth and ground sloth.

Mammoths and a giant ground sloth crossed the tracks in the travelers’ wake, trampling some of the footprints.

Hard-wired into the psyche of many is the idea that somehow time off is akin to sloth.

This disease was thought to stem from bad climate, and sloth.

Here are the Russians, they will punish us for our sloth and hubris, but if we make Johnny read better!

Thanksgiving is about sloth and gluttony, as well as a dash of envy and greed.

The conservative narrative would be built around some idea of liberal licentiousness or sloth or some such.

This is one of the truths which sloth, rapacity and extravagance are slow to learn, yet which they cannot safely ignore.

Sloth in women is cured either by vanity or love; though, in vivacious women, it is an omen of love.

But for the rest of her days she lay luxuriously folded on herself and sunk in sloth and pleasure.

Some creatures excel in cunning, some in reason, some in activity, some in sloth—all have certain proclivities.

I no longer habitually cherish physical sloth and luxury, which excite to excessive sensuality.


On this page you'll find 38 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to sloth, such as: idleness, inactivity, indolence, inertia, laxness, and lethargy.

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